Welcome to Digital Media we provide assistance to the community broadcast industry to successfully plan their setup and technical matters, apply to ICASA and related bodies for relevant service licences where-after we supply and install all the needed broadcast systems.

Community Radio / TV
If you wish to establish a community radio or tv station for your town or district but don’t have the know-how or experience you are welcome to give us a call to assist. Digital Media’s founder Mr. Andre Swartz studied TV, Radio and Industrial Electronics and is involved in radio since 1997. Collectively we have radio broadcast, systems and content development experience of more than 20 years. On occasion we make use of experienced facilitators to give in-house radio training courses, engage radio stations to advance in certain operational areas and develop material as may be needed.

New Radio Stations may want to make use of our basic technical surveys to determine radio signal coverage before even purchasing any equipment. This feature enable stations to get a good technical report of future signal conditions. Once all technical and site planning is done we compile all the licence application documents, these arrive at your door via courier therefore submission ready. Once the licences are issued we provide all the technical equipment that include the studios, rf transmission and outside broadcast facilities.

1. Service License
2. Broadcast Spectrum License
3. STL (Link) Spectrum License
4. ECNS License (self provision)

Low Power Commercial
Originally designed for Drive-in theatres, sports complexes, malls etc… This license grant the holder the right to operate a commercial service for profit on a private bases. Low Power Commercial Services may only broadcast at 1Watt ERP and can not broadcast any News or Current Affairs. On average you can expect an average range of 1-10km depending on antenna height, line of sight and signal obstructions (ie. buildings, hills etc). This service is ideal for small towns of a radius of under 5km.

Public Broadcasting
We provide Carrier Class Broadcast Equipment that is suitable for Analogue and Digital TV & Radio. To deliver Radio Services we provide Short Wave, Medium Wave and FM Transmitters. In line with Digital Migration we distribute and supply DAB / DRM Systems up to 500kW. Our Digital TV (DTT) systems are energy efficient equipped with the latest technology built in the rack units. A complete Solid State operation means that there are NO TUBES or moving parts since everything is SOLID STATE, MODULAR and controlled via a single LCD Screen.

Feel free to contact Digital Media for assistance with your Radio or TV Project.


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