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RIZ 100kW SW DRM Transmitter

RIZ 100 kW SW Broadcast Transmitter OR 100 K-04/A

100 kW SW Broadcast Transmitter OR 100 K-04/A The 100 kW SW broadcasting transmitter type OR 100 K-04/A is a member of the RIZ's newest generation of digital transmitters. Transmitter is capable for standard amplitude AM, digital DRM or SIMULCAST modes of operation. The operating mode is changed by pressing a button on the touch screen main menu. The DRM Exciter / Modulator is integrated in the transmitter. Multifunctional touch screen menu enables controlling of the transmitter and monitoring of all relevant parameters. With completely solid state modulator and one tube in RF output stage this transmitter is superior to any other standard transmitter in the 100 kW power range. Transmitter is automatically tunable in SW broadcast bands from 3.9 - 26.1 MHz, typically within 20 seconds (max 30 sec.) This transmitter, as well as all other RIZ SW transmitters in the power range 20 kW up to 500 kW, is designed in accordance with IEC standards and ITU recommendations for this type of service. High overall efficiency AM, AM / CCM, DRM, Simulcast operating modes DRM Exciter / Modulator integrated in the transmitter Large Touch Screen Display Automatically tunable in SW bands between 3.9 - 26.1 MHz Completely solid state modulator Only one tube in RF output stage Simple and cost effective maintenance Possibility of remote control and unattended operation

New regulations for data bundles but no change in prices


Image: Icasa makes the announcement on new regulation for data bundles

CAPE TOWN – The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has conducted numerous public hearings to draft certain charter regulations on data spending.

On Thursday the body introduced the new regulations, however, no announcement was made on what the new price of data will be. Icasa said that it stayed away from pricing issues because the regulation of prices requires more detailed market analysis. Users will know at a later stage whether data prices will be cut. 

The first regulation that was introduced was Usage notification, which requires all service providers to now send a notification when the usage of Data is at 50%. 

Service providers are now required to provide an option to roll over unused data. This will ensure consumers don’t lose unused data. 
The third regulation focuses on the Transfer of data. Icasa ruled that all networks must allow this option to be available to consumers.

The fourth regulation is base on Out of Bundle Rates. All service providers will no longer be allowed to charge consumers out of bundle rates when data has run out.

Additionally, Icasa added that service providers must present subscribers with the option to buy a new bundle, or agree to out-of-bundle billing.

Counselor Botlenyana Mokhele, that led the proceedings said that consumers must be updated about data depletion at 80%, 90% and 100%.

Icasa stressed that these new regulations will block operators from charging out-of-bundle (OOB) tariffs without subscriber consent.